“Jews, Germans, Allies – Changing Perspectives on Postwar Encounters”

Abendveranstaltung in englischer Sprache

A Conversation between
Atina Grossmann and Frank Mecklenburg

Introduction: Welf Werner

Professor Atina Grossmann is an American historian and the daughter of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. After holding positions at Mount Holyhoke College and Columbia University, she now teaches as a full professor at Cooper Union in New York City. Her major works include Reforming Sex: The German Movement for Birth Control and Abortion Reform, 1920-1950 (1995) and Jews, Germans, Allies : Encounters in Occupied Germany (2012).  

Dr. Frank Mecklenburg is senior historian at the Leo Baeck Institute in New York, a research library and archive documenting the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry that was founded in 1955.  

Prof. Dr. Welf Werner is Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at Heidelberg University and director of the Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA).

Thursday, June 30, 6:15 pm
Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Hauptstr. 120

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